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Solar-Powered Security Camera System

At Virtual Protective, we truly care about our clients and wish to provide you with the construction security solutions you need to ensure that your jobsites are not victim to theft, damage, and more. Our solar-powered security camera system provides an excellent and versatile solution to your jobsite security needs because it can be used anywhere—even where access needed to power such a security system is unavailable.  

Our solar-powered security camera system comes complete with two wide-angle HD cameras as well as long-range detection sensors. It also features GPS tracking and cellular connectivity capabilities. This solar-powered camera system is also fully compatible with our android- and iOS-compatible remote video surveillance app

Our solar-powered security camera system runs around the clock, and our advanced AI and threat-detection software has an excellent track record when it comes to ensuring your jobsites remain free of trespassers and thieves.  

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